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The conversation of racism is not one to be avoided with children. In fact, studies show that by age 5, children tend to prefer playmates of the same race as their caregivers or parents. Talk early and often about these things.

This video and the accompanying guides are honest and clear about racial injustice. The "Miss Anna Talks About Racism" video in particular is specific to the violence perpetrated against BIPOC and other Black people, protesting, the death of George Floyd and white supremacy. The parent and family guides have been updated to reflect a broader conversation around racism and all POC.

The materials presented here are in no way comprehensive but are intended to provide a jumping-off point for your family to begin these discussions.

We are thrilled to offer these resources at no charge to you.

If you would like to make a small donation to say "thank you," you can do so through Venmo below.

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