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what's in the box?


engaging activities

Each month you'll receive 2 new activity mats with all necessary supplies and tools to help your child develop important skills like emotion recognition, colors and numbers, sorting, object recognition, hand-eye coordination, matching, stacking, fine motor skills, and more!

digital video guides

Want someone to walk you through things? No problem. Miss Anna has provided multiple video components for each box including tips + tricks for parents, a quick set-up guide, and interactive video guides for each activity.

social emotional education

Social and emotional education is a major component of Otterly. Social and emotional literacy is vital to a successful life. In each box, whether it's through an activity mat or a video, we are sure to touch on the development of these essential skills.

Early Learners Subscription Box

starting at $34.99/mo

FREE shipping

Ideal for children ages 2-6

Why such a broad age range?


Each activity is designed to grow with your child.


Perhaps today, they don't have the fine motor skills to use tongs, for example. But in a year, they will! Until then, they can engage with the materials in ways that still help them to reach important developmental milestones. Then they can revisit these activities to continue honing and mastering those vital physical and emotional skills.

"I loved

the ability for

free play with everything."

-Melissa G.

need a digital option instead?

For print-at-home activities, digital guides, and suggested play materials, you can subscribe to the Early Learners Digital Box at an introductory price of $14.99/mo.

"He LOVED it and I am shook by his tracing skills!"."

-Courtney R.


"He loved the box. And he matched the emotions. That is notoriously difficult for kids with autism and he didn’t get them all correct, but when we got to angry and sad, you can watch him change. He felt for the people in the photos which was surprising to me and very exciting since he’s got to work so hard at that."


- Katie C.

"My two year old spent the most time with the animals and really threw a fit when it was time to clean up for nap, so I'd say that's a win!"


-Melissa G.

"It’s a great setup, the boys are going to have so much fun with it!! The packaging was beautiful."

-Ashley A.

"When we opened the box she was very excited and wanted to do every activity right away. After that initial excitement I put the tray of activities with her other playthings. She has pulled the activity tray out several times since then and loves taking everything out of and back into the bags, and switching the mats in the tray for the activity she is doing. Her favorite seems to be the emotion cards."


-Nicole C.

Early Learners Subscription Box

starting at $34.99/mo

FREE shipping

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