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setting kids up for success

S.E.E. Sessions build social + emotional skills to help kids become their best selves.


social + emotional education is the most important investment you can make in the life of your child.

We intentionally invest in teaching our children math, english, science, and history. All important subjects that can aid success. But they do not generate success.


So why not intentionally invest in teaching your children skills that actually generate a successful life? Invest in the things that build character and life-changing tools?!

what we'll cover



A key component to success is to be able to recognize, manage, and healthily express emotions.



Recognition of our own feelings helps us practice empathy toward others. 


social awareness

We'll learn to work with others by reading body language, facial cues and learning about boundaries.


good choices

Children are capable of making great choices. We'll practice the skills of self-awareness to help aid in making healthy choices.

Kids learn best when caring adults truly listen and engage with them authentically.  Miss Anna has over 15 years of experience working directly with children and holdS degrees in performance art and children's services. "Kids are my people" as she likes to say.

fun + engaging teacher

what you get

45min-1hr Sessions with Miss Anna

All Session materials

Session reflections + reports from Miss Anna

Private Facebook Group for your Session Pod

choose the option that's right for you

S.E.E. Pricing
S.E.E. FAQ Link


Below you'll find answers to some frequently asked questions regarding S.E.E. Sessions with Miss Anna.

what is included in the price?

In-person sessions include a starter set of materials for the group, one-hour with Miss Anna filled with social + emotional learning activities, a summary + reflection of our time together including recommendations and observations of each child, and a private Facebook group set up for groups that meet for more than one session to facilitate discussion.

Virtual sessions include all digital materials, 45-minutes with Miss Anna, a summary + reflection of our time together including recommendations and observations of each child, and a private Facebook group set up for parents.

what if my child is shy and doesn't want to participate?

Every child is different and may need time to warm up to both Miss Anna and this new learning setting. That's okay! We all get nervous/shy sometimes and need a little extra time to adjust. All children - no matter their level of enthusiasm or participation - is welcome. 

what is your protocol for covid-19?

We take the impact of Covid-19 very seriously. Therefore, we have our own protocols in place for our in-person  sessions.

Miss Anna will wear a mask or face shield for the entirety of her visit and will remain 6ft. away from group members at all times. All materials will be disinfected before delivery and after each session. Materials will be kept at the pod's designated meeting space.

Additionally, all activities will be designed to maintain 6ft. distance between students unless otherwise requested.

The protocols for the group itself are determined by the group. If your group does not wish to enforce social distancing or masks, that is okay. If your group chooses to follow these those guidelines, it will be up to the group to uphold those and provide a space in which those rules can be followed (i.e. space must be provided to allow for 6ft distance between each child).

Otterly and Miss Anna are not liable for sicknesses in the group.

can we switch kids in and out of our in-person pod?

Yes. As long as the pod number per session does not exceed the group size for which you registered.

However, it is in the best interest of the students to keep the group consistent.

In these uncertain times, consistency will be key for the social and emotional well-being of the students. Additionally, because Miss Anna provides observations and recommendations for children each week, giving students more time with her allows for a more accurate understanding of the needs of each child. so that those needs can better be met.

my child was sick one week. do you offer make-up sessions?

Unfortunately, if your child was not able to attend the pod session, we are unable to provide a make-up session for him/her/them. You can, however, purchase an individual session here.

will you be sharing pictures of video of my child?

We often use photos and video of children with whom we've worked. We never share full names and often do not name children at all.

You may opt your child out of all social sharing on the S.E.E. registration form.

i paid for a group of 7 but i can only find 6 kids for my pod this week. can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds for S.E.E. Sessions. However, your session can be redeemed at any time through the end of the 2020 calendar year. 

what age is this best suited for?

Sessions are appropriate for students ages 5-13. Students at every age are dealing with major adjustments during this time and we can all use a little extra care. Sessions will be customized to fit the students in the pod. Virtual sessions are broken up by age group.

where are the

in-person sessions available?

We've provided a radius map below. If your city falls outside of the radius map, we'll add an additional $20/session onto your total to account for travel time and costs. Outside-Radius costs will be billed separately.

Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 1.11.37 PM.png

what kinds of activities will the kids be doing?

MOVEMENT: Part of S.E.E. sessions will include some form of movement. This may be yoga, stretches, dancing, and movement games. ​Movement activities will explore our body's capabilities, where feelings reside in the body, interaction with others, gross motor skills.

ART: S.E.E. will also Involve some artistic endeavors (nothing too messy, we promise)!​ Art activities will help us explore feelings, provide a way to process the things happening around us, engage fine motor skills, spark creativity.

READING: One important element of S.E.E. is reading incredible works of fiction! Reading will provide access to age-appropriate stories, representation of diverse characters/authors, encourage literacy and the love of reading, opportunities for reflection and discussion.

MINDFULNESS: Mindfulness practices are proven to help with emotional regulation. Mindfulness activities will help us calm our bodies, encourage focus, foster awareness, provide tools for managing big feelings.

who is "miss anna?"

Miss Anna is an advocate for children and families and she started Otterly. She has worked as a teacher, a curriculum writer, a Children's program director, and Children's Librarian. She holds degrees in performance art and children's services and has spent the last six years extensively studying early childhood development and early childhood education. You can connect with Miss Anna here.

Have other questions that aren't answered here? Email us at

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